Our Horn Covers replace the standard H-D Horn Cover and are mounted the same way.

Our Horn Covers are predrilled to mount H-D Timer Cover kits for an authentic look.

Timer Covers are the round inserts you see mounted on our Horn Covers with 5 screws


See bottom of page for some Timer Covers H-D has to offer

     BAH 4000 / $179.-    Showroom Chromed


      BAH 4120 / $179.-    Showroom Chromed

           BAH 4060 / $179.-     Showroom Chromed

       BAH 4090 / $179.-     Showroom Chromed

    BAH 4150 / $179.-     Showroom Chromed

     BAH 4180 / $179.-     Showroom Chromed

            BAH 4090B / $179.-          Flat Black Anodized

         BAH 4000B / $179.-          Flat Black Anodized

     BAH 4090N / $179.-     Smocked Chrome


Replacement Mounting Brackets

These are replacement Horn Cover mounting Brackets, if you are purchasing one of our Horn Covers for a V-Rod You will need to purchase a Bracket.

Black Anodized / $28.-

Showroom Chromed / $28.-

Here are some of the Timer Covers Harley-Davidson has to offer. 

 All these Timer Covers fit our predrilled Horn Covers

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